If you are operating a commercial kitchen of any kind, rooftop grease containment is something you need to assess and solve. The grease produced from cooking is acidic and overtime can deteriorate a roof and cause irreversible damage that can potential cost thousands of dollars. Excessive grease on your roof can also become a fire hazard.

The best way to avoid causing this damage is to install proper grease containment system(s) on your roof. These systems utilize filter media that absorbs grease and sheds water. Use of a grease box or 5 gal buckets simply will not contain grease and when it does rain, it will overflow and pour the grease all over your roof. These systems are your roofs protection in between your hood cleaning service.

Under Pressure, LLC sells and installs the proper system(s) to protect your investment. We also maintain the containment systems we sell to continue to protect for the future. These systems are designed specifically for kitchen exhaust systems.


NFPA 96 codes are now requiring that all exhaust fans be hinged. Hinging a fan allows it to be opened or flipped without causing damage to fan or roof. In addition to being required by code, hinges will extend the life of the fan and help minimize wear and tear on electrical wiring. We utilize hinge kits designed specifically for kitchen exhaust systems


The methods used to cleaning systems is “line of sight” cleaning meaning if the technicians cannot see it…we cannot guarantee it is clean.  When a system has horizontal duct work and changes in direction of the duct work, it creates areas that are not 100% accessible without access panels. If the installer of the system did not put access panels in the duct work we can install them to give access to inspect and clean as needed. There should be an access panel for every 12 feet of horizontal ductwork and one for each change in direction.


Hood filters or baffle filters are important for a couple of reasons. First, the filters will stop anywhere from 10-20 % of the grease from entering the system. Second, the filters are the hood systems first line of defense against a grease fire from cooking equipment entering into the hood system itself.

Keeping the filters in good clean working order is an essential maintenance task to keeping your system operating properly. Cleaning the filters on a regular basis will help your system stay cleaning in between your hood cleanings.

Filters that are dented, falling apart, stained or plugged are no longer performing properly and should be replaced. We sell all sizes of filters and can deliver and install.




Here is a list of services we offer outside of the kitchen exhaust cleaning field. Please feel free to contact us with more specific detail on any of our services.


  • House Washing
  • Flat Work – sidewalks, flat concrete, driveways, patio, etc.
  • Pools and Decks


  • Building Washing
  • Flat work – sidewalks, flat concrete, driveways, patio, etc.
  • Fleet Washing
  • Interior Department Wash Outs
  • Dumpster Pad
  • Loading Docks

If you don’t see it listed… doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Give us a call today!