The most important factor in choosing a kitchen exhaust cleaning vendor is whether or not they are inspecting and cleaning the entire system. Unfortunately, in the field of KEC companies (hood cleaning), there are far too many companies that do not clean the entire system EVERY time. Under Pressure, LLC prides itself in preforming above the rest. We will only perform full system cleanings on every service. If a portion of the system is not accessible, we will offer solutions to making it accessible. This is an effort to minimize the risk of a fire. Most kitchen fires caused by grease buildup, the grease build up is in the areas that are not in plain view. Whether you decide to use Under Pressure, LLC for your KEC needs or not….MAKE SURE you are getting your full system cleaned….EVERY TIME! Inspecting and/or cleaning all areas of the system are a requirement of NFPA 96 standards.



To insure our clients are up to date on any issues or areas of concern with their hood cleaning, we provide a detailed service report on every job.  This keeps our clients informed on the condition of their system and any issues that may need to be addressed.



All our technicians are trained to take photos of our clients systems after cleaning to insure proper cleaning and also show any issues and areas of concern.



A big question from commercial kitchen owners/operators is “How often should I have a hood cleaning done”. Because every client is different there is not a direct answer to that question, but there is some guidelines provided by NFPA 96.

NFPA 96 requirements for Inspection/Cleaning Frequency

Cooking Type Inspect and/or Clean
Solid Fuel / Smoking MONTHLY
High Volume / 24hr QUARTERLY
Charbroiling / Wok QUARTERLY
Medium Volume SEMI-ANNUAL
Low Volume / Season ANNUAL